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Muslim Funeral

At Jasa Budi Muslim Casket Services, we provide a one-stop service for Muslim funerals.

We are equipped with an experienced team that is dedicated to providing the best services to you and your loved ones every step of the way.

Procedure Before The Funeral

It can be confusing and devastating when you first lose your loved ones. We are here to help and guide you through this difficult period of time.

This is the typical procedure before the funeral service:

Step 1: Contact Us and The Police

Contact us for a doctor to certify the death of your loved one. At the same time, contact the police and inform them that you have requested for a doctor from us.

Step 2: Receive Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD)

When the doctor arrives, he will proceed to certify the cause of death and issue a Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD).

Step 3: Register The Death and Begin Funeral Proceedings

With the certificate, you may register the death of your loved one at the nearest neighbourhood police station or the Registry of Births and Deaths.

While this is taking place, we will send our team to your location to assist you with the funeral service and proceedings.

Our Muslim Funeral Services

We provide both local and overseas arrangements depending on your needs.

Local Home / Hospital Service Package

Main services

The following services will be provided as part of our local package:

  • A driver and hearse van to collect the deceased from your location or the hospital
  • Equipment and necessary items for the washing and shrouding of the deceased
  • Washing and shrouding by a certified staff member
  • Religious rites and prayers led by the certified staff
  • A bus to transport family, relatives and friends
  • A temporary tombstone and wooden plank casing for the burial

Complimentary Services

On top of the abovementioned services, we also provide the following for free:

  • A ceramic name plaque for the deceased
  • Grass carpets for the grave
  • Stone kerbs for the grave
  • Grave care and maintenance (6 months)
  • Drinks for the family

Our Prices

Cost of this package: $1,170

Transportation of deceased from the hospital to home: +$120

Registration for burial: +$315 (Adult), +$140 (Child below 10 years old)

Overseas Service Package: International Import and Export

We offer import and export services to and from overseas countries, including coffin sealing and embalming.

The prices for this package may vary depending on the airfreight rate, which is determined by the weight of the body and destination.

You can contact us for a quote today.

Why Choose Jasa Budi Muslim Casket


Industry Experience

Since our inception in 1999, we have constantly provided caring and professional funeral and casket services for our clients.


Overseas Experience

Apart from local arrangements, we also have vast experience with overseas import and export cases. We have done delivery and collection from countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Vietnam.

Array of Services

We provide our clients with a wide range of funeral and casket services including the construction of tombstones.

Additionally, we act as a supplier to other Muslim organisations for casket equipment and accessories.

24/7 Excellent Service Support

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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